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Multi Blender juicer food processor with Glass Jar & a Grinder 500W


About this item

  • 【MULTI USE BLENDER】The Belaco multi blender is ideal for fruit blending, vegetable blending and ice crushing which makes it perfect for creating smoothies for yourself, family or loved ones. The blender has 3 settings: setting 1 is for light usage with liquids; setting 2 is for more solid consistency-mixing solid food and liquid; finally setting M which is used for ice crushing and short, powerful impulse movements.
  • 【GRINDER CUP】The Belaco Multi use blender also comes with the GRINDER cup for your all kind of dry ingredients, sharpen blade of this grinder give you a better-quality result. it makes super easy to Grind coffee bean, soya bean, dry fruits, spices etc
  • 【1.5L THICK GLASS JAR】 The 1.5L glass jar is a great feature as you can see everything which is happening within the blender, you don’t have to keep stopping and starting it to see if you need to add any more fruit, veg or ice cubes. The blender also comes with a cap so you can add items one by one instead of large quantities which make it more efficient and it will also reduce the chance of the blades getting stuck.
  • 【SHARP 2 -LAYER BLADES】 In your multi blender you will see you have 2 stainless steel high quality and sharp blades which make it easy for your multi blender to evenly blend all of your fruit, vegetables and ice with ease each and every time you use it to the perfect consistency.
  • 【SPECIFICATION】The Belaco Multi use blender have 500watt powerful motor which makes super easy for all kind of food blending, Noise of this blender is 82db-85db max. It comes with 220V with 50Hz, it is CE Rohs certified and comes with British 3 pin plug


Belaco 500W Multi Blender juicer food processor with Glass Jar & a Grinder

  • Blender with Jar & a Grinder
  • Thick Glass Jar
  • Modern & Unique style Blender
  • Perfect match for your kitchen
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • ready to use
  • Ice Crushing function
  • Ideal for fruit vegetable blending and ice cube crushing
  • detachable stainless steel blade for easy cleaning
  • removable filling cap for easy filling
  • 4 rubber feet under base
  • with grinder mill
  • Power: 500Watt, 220V,50Hz
  • 1.5L glass jar and a grinder
  • Stainless steel base and stainless steel blades
  • BS plug
  • CE/Rohs Certified

Useful tips

  • To achieve the best results when pureeing solid ingredients, place small portions into the blender jug one by one instead of placing a large quantity all at once.
  • If you are processing solid ingredients, cut them into the small pieces(2-3cm) first.
  • CE/Rohs Certified
  • When mixing solid ingredients start off first with a small amount of liquid. Gradually add more and more liquid through the opening in the lid
  • Always place your hand on top of the blender when you are operating the device.
  • Be careful when processing hot liquids
  • For stirring solid or very thick liquid ingredients we recommend that you use the blender in impulse mode to prevent the blades from becoming stuck.

Motor block

Never immerse the motor block in water. Wipe it only with a moist cloth.


Simple cleaning/rinsing out the assembled blender jug

Empty the blender jug and fill it with water. Place the blender jug on the motor block and turn the switch several times into the ‘M’ setting. Empty the glass jug and rinse until clean.


Thorough cleaning of the dismantled blender jug

Ensure that the blender jug is completely empty before you unscrew the retaining ring. Be careful when handling the cutting blade. All removable parts are suitable for the dishwasher.

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